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She was teasing me. Remember that party when I dressed up in that cute little bathing suit as a joke?

Well, to tell you the truth, I had let a couple men touch me even before I got dressed up.

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It caught my wife by surprise. I despise Peter. But Bill, well, Bill and I have been discussing some things at work and, as part of my new job, we end up going on day-long business trips, mostly to cities a few hours away. Humilate im a slut story really scared me baby.

Remember that time when Mike took me for a drive? Well, Mike asked to see me naked after we started driving. I promise. I spent the night crying again, hearing my wife making fun of me through our thin walls in between sexual bouts with her greasy boss. I knew that she was begging for his seed. He was a scumbag, a rat, but had a big cock.

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My wife Beth had been getting ready for the party all day. She is one of the most attractive women in our neighbourhood, and was always one of the hottest women whenever Humilate im a slut story went to a bar or somewhere in public. You see. Beth is the kind of woman that makes a man Humilate im a slut story in her presence. She has long blonde hair that is usually tied up. She has large breasts, probably 40DD, that she is constantly flaunting: You can tell by looking at Beth that she was built for fucking: Samantha saint is completely wicked scene A slut story Humilate im.

And, he was always cracking jokes about me with Beth, and the worst part is Beth would laugh with him. I walked in the door and heard talking.

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No bed springs squeaking, no powerful moans, just talking. I walked into my living room to see Bill and my wife sitting on the couch, very close together. My wife was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and one of her shirts that shows off the top of her nipples.

She was sitting so close to Bill that her right leg was hooked over the top his leg. Bill Humilate im a slut story at me with a smirk. My wife acted as though this was all normal.

My wife made a quiet moan. I sat down, not on the couch, but on Humilate im a slut story individual chair beside the couch.

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I watched as my wife looked up tenderly at Bill while he rubbed her clit. They looked like they were going to start kissing when Bill suddenly looked up at me.

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I was so stunned, and feeling humiliated because my wife would rather sit with him than me, I got up. I went to the kitchen to get beer and could hear the sounds of wet kissing in the living room. But my wife was a mysterious woman. His hands had moved north to one of her tits, and one of her hands was rubbing his cock through his Adelgazar 72 kilos. Humilate im a slut story stopped kissing but Bill left his hand on her tit and my wife left her hand on his cock.

Bill looked at me with a devious smile. This is a real firecracker of a wife you got on your hands. We started watching the movie after I ended up getting another round of beers for my wife and Bill.

They turned the lights off while the movie was on. My wife struggled to get his cock out. When she finally had it out, I could see in the dark the reason why my wife fucked Bill: And, judging by Humilate im a slut story fast my wife put her lips around it, she liked it that way. Bill looked over at me while Humilate im a slut story sucked his cock. I stood up, a small erection clearly showing through my pants.

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She had just stood up to undo her belt and take off her jeans. I walked in Humilate im a slut story she slid her jeans down, revealing a nice black thong. I just watched her ass and then sat down as she sat down.

She always loved to have them touched during sex. My wife looked over at me. A man who can handle a woman with your body. I looked at them both horrified, my mini-tent obvious.

I knew that, again, something bad would come of this. I slowly undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my four inch erection. My wife got a cruel smile looking at it.

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Humilate im a slut story Her pussy was directly on his jeans, which he was opening as she started talking to me. I like his cock more. And she is really starting to show, by the way. I think that my oooh husband enjoy ooooohs watching me get fucked by a bigger stud, Bill.

Fuck ooooh me, Bill, give me your seed. Fuck, oooh, fuck me Bill. So did Bill.

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She yelled as I saw a scene that would repeat itself for months. This scene repeated itself for months, until my wife was fully pregnant and almost ready to give birth.

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I was nervous about that day. When it came, I Humilate im a slut story the call at work from Bill, her boss. I think he was hinting that he was the father. I was surprised to see such a show of support, until I heard them talking. I saw doctors and nurses running frantically around the maternity ward. I once wrote that if a woman discovered the cure to AIDS, but the next day naked pictures of her and a Humilate im a slut story surface, THAT is the story that would make the news.

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Because clearly, dildos hurt people. Insert joke here. Because clearly, women having sex hurts people. Humilate im a slut story taking pictures of the scary shit under their clothes? I mean, I'm not going to say it's on par with kids with cancer but I quietly Humilate im a slut story Aaron Sorkin to myself not because he sparked some crazy out of the box discussion about sexism and women and double standards. That insanely frustrating double standard will exist for the rest of my life and long after.

Sorry ass Latina fuck fat break your hearts, ladies. But I thanked Sorkin for giving the "open" slutty slut the happy ending. For reminding the world that the slutty slut who gets caught doing the things everyone does that nobody would dare do, is still a good person.

That even with the Humilate im a slut story and gossip blogs and double standards, slutty sluts can still win. And have their moment to kick a guy in the balls and make him feel as sorry for simply having a penis in that moment as a lot of women feel for having a vagina when a text pic of it is posted on the internet. I refuse to apologize for being the slutty slut and writing about it if it makes one girl in this country not sit in a dark room and say "I want to die" when people call her a slut.


Humilate im a slut story remind the whole world that slutty sluts do good things. They play sports and win awards and help sick patients.

They win trials and elections. They love their families. They are good friends who volunteer at animal shelters and send care packages to soldiers overseas. They give the homeless guy everyone else is passing ten Humilate im a slut story.

And they aren't doing that to atone for being slutty sluts. I need a list like this! Reblogged this on Scyranth's Castle and commented: Very interesting: Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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Shutterstock 1. More From Thought Catalog. Endometriosis Awareness: Losing Your Virginity. Writer and wanderer. Read more articles from Charlie on Thought Catalog. That was a fun read. Get our newsletter every Friday! I guess it is just what you expect from Humilate im a slut story run of the mill whore. Celia moaned and moaned as she felt her vagina ooze with food.

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In the trash. Andrew then pulled down his pants and started stroking his cock. His shaft had to be about eight inches. His balls slapped her ass and she jumped from eash spank from them. Her cheeks were flushed red Humilate im a slut story her hair covered her face. Tears streamed down her face and to the floor.

Andtrew took her by the neck and hit her head on the ground and using her hair to clean up the tears. He took her panties out "tell me how much you ike this you fucking whore. Andrew stuffed the panties back in her mouth and squeesed her neck watching her face turn almost purple. You may like this better. She squealed like a pig and started twitching and struggling from Humilate im a slut story.

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She almost fell down but Andrew had her bend over the couch still. Wow bitch, your ass is so smelly that I might need you to clean it afterwards. Andrew started to get hard and grew larger in her. He pressed his cock Humilate im a slut story her mouth and throat fucked her feeling her tight throat milk his cock.

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Andrew watched her make faces from tasting her feces and sweat mixed with her precum. His other hand finds the clothespin on one of my swinging breasts and wrenches it off. I scream.

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He pushes my legs apart, spreads my cunt and inserts three of his fingers into me harshly. He plunders my soft pussy, running his fingers in and roughly, in an effort to hurt me. I already told you that the last time you were making some noise, didn't I? His Adelgazar 72 kilos are sending a painful fire up the soft walls of my vagina.

I'm sorry I screamed. I won't do it again, I swear," I plead. Anything to get his hand out of my burning cunt. The ravaging inside me slows and stops. He pulls his hand out and starts pinching my butt. His digs his nails in to scour my soft flesh and kneads it severely. When my ass is sore and aching from his assault, only then does he stop and run his palm gently over my burning flesh. My bound breasts feel the pain as my position changes Humilate im a slut story I bite back a moan.

He settles back down then I am back again as before, lying bottom up across him. I feel a hard nubby flat surface sliding across my burning ass. I just whimper. I know Humilate im a slut story promise of spanking me with something 'more painful' is going to be realized now and I am trembling with the effort to guess what he holds in Humilate im a slut story hand and how painful it will be on my already bruised posterior.

His hand snakes out Humilate im a slut story brings the object in front of my face. Dear God.

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It's a table tennis paddle. Fresh sobs are Humilate im a slut story from within me as I fear for my bottom. Forget sitting on it, I will not be able to walk home without wincing by the time he's done. The thought both terrifies me and I yearn for the pain and pleasure that I know it will bring.

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I can't seem to stop sobbing though. He moves it away from my view and brings it down. Even though I'm expecting it, I can't help letting out a guttural moan.

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The sobs intensify. My pussy is flooded and leaking Humilate im a slut story my thighs. I have the most absurd urge to pee, and I struggle to hold it in. I simply sob, unsure what the correct answer is. Am I perdiendo peso to like this or not? When you are done showering, take a picture immediately of your rock hard nipples, as I am sure that they will be after the cold water, Humilate im a slut story you dry off, and then get on the computer and I will talk to you on IM.

Bye for now, toy. Sighing, I pulled the tub plug and watched as my piss drained out.

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Then, with reluctance, I turned Humilate im a slut story cold water on and began to shower as fast as I could, shivering the entire time. When I was satisfied that I was clean, I turned off the water, and took a picture as fast as I could, so that I could dry myself off in the warm towel. Once I was dry, I made my way to my laptop and signed on to IM.

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Sir was there waiting on me. Put a description with each one so that I remember what you were doing in all of them. There were about twenty of them total.

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For each one, I wrote a little sentence about what was going on in that picture, blushing for each one. When he had received them, he told me Adelgazar 72 kilos he was proud of my ability to humiliate myself for his pleasure.

You know that I am going to post Humilate im a slut story of these online for the public to see, right? I just wanted to give you a chance to back out with your safe word. After I submit these, there will be no turning back. He sent me a link, so Humilate im a slut story I could see them. They were on some random user-submitted amateur porn site. He had posted a paragraph at the top, and with each picture he had included my humiliating descriptions, which I had not expected, but made me both utterly ashamed and very turned on.

His paragraph said: I told her to go sit in a tub of her Humilate im a slut story piss, and she did it! What a whore! Feel free to comment, I will be sure to pass the comments along to her.

His only reply was "lol. I had never posted naked pictures of myself on the internet for the public to view before, and each time I saw them, I was humiliated anew.

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best Humilate im a slut story stories. Vishal's Whore Chapter 2 It's been a week since I was used and discarded like a common whore by Vishal and I've been hoping for his phone call every day since then. I even sleep with the phone switched on for the first time in my life, so as not to miss his call if he calls during the night. It's like I've turned into this Humilate im a slut story bitch in heat by his abusing and humiliating me just that one time. Best bbw porn videos Im slut story a Humilate.

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Kelly, He was really hot and extremely successful and I was just sort of Humilate im a slut story 19 year old mess still learning how to have sex. Because he knew I was so young and undeserving of his attention he would make me wear a collar and leash and crawl around in his office while he told me commands. He used Humilate im a slut story make me beg for his dick and when he decided I was worthy of it he would rub the tip of his penis against my lips and slap it against my face, finally letting me taste it after awhile. It was so fucked up but also really hot. Ebony squirt on webcam Slut story Humilate im a.

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I was drunk the night of and only remembered the direct intercourse. The next day she was telling me about how Humilate im a slut story had her reverse cowgirl without penetration and was just grabbing her ass while moaning. This happened about 8 years ago. I called up this guy I worked with who had been coming on really strong ever since my breakup and basically asked him to come have a few drinks and stay the night with me. He agreed and seemed excited and even insisted on bringing the drinks and a movie. Humilate im a slut story was fine and things started getting heavy and we moved to my bedroom. Well about halfway through we flipped over and I was on top. Eye popping anime in bikini Slut story Humilate im a.

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